An overview of the spells used in Clash of Clans

Spells play a magical role in the game of clash of clans where you will have to drop the spells super accurately. As spells can easily wipe out all the defenses but if you dropped the spells wrongly then it will be are losing situation for your troop. Spells are magical because it can help the team to win a losing match as it has abilities of heroes and can easily change the war scenario. So here in this article, some important parts of the spells are discussed.

Mistakes did in the deployment of spells

Whenever someone drops the spells which are troop buffing they mainly put them in the place where the troops are present but not where the troops will go.

In the middle of the game, people do not drop the spells without any planning.

These spells will help you to give the troop a support so you need to drop it exactly at the right place.

When you will be dropping any kind of rage spell then it will make the troops leave that place very quickly and that will result in loss some spells.

How to protect yourself against the spells

Every spell will have its unique ability which can save a troop in any situation so you will have to choose the best one that will work for you, this will cost resources so I got some coc gems.

Lightning spell: It is one of the best spells that can easily take down any kind of individual building. If you do not have the access to poison spell then the lightning spells can help the lower level troops. The Lightning spell will not cause damage to the full area. It will cause the damage in the place where you will drop it. Always keep the count of the Lightning spells which you will be needing for taking down any type of building. Do not use two spells at a time as this will lead to 10% destruction.

Rage Spell: The rage spell is mainly used for boosting the Giants Dragons or balloons. Always use this spell on the appropriate Troops. It makes the Minions active and makes the Golems move faster. So as this is a very powerful spell so always use on the troops that can cause extra damage. Try to put them on the maximum Troops. If you reach on minimum three Dragons then it will be nice but if you put them in the large area then it will help to give some boost to the attacker. Do not put the spells on the small areas and always analyze where you can get benefited more.

For using this two spells in Clash of Clans you will have to know which troop is the best for implementing these spells. But also make sure that your troops are upgraded so that it can easily do more damage. Do not spend the spells unnecessarily because it won’t destroy many areas but will make you spend more on buying the spells.

Is the Verizon Droid Smartphone a Keeper?

With no industry standard definition, Smartphones are advanced capable mobile phones with PC-like function abilities providing interface and platform, that run on complete operating software. Phones with advanced features like the Internet, e-mail, e-book reading abilities, built-in keyboards, and external USB and UGA connections are considered Smartphones, so are miniature computers that have phone capabilities, especially if they have large screens, open operating systems, powerful processors, and abundant memories.


Purchased by Google, and then by the Open Handset Alliance, Android is a mobile operating system written in the Java language that runs on Linux kernel, one of the most prominent free and open source softwares liberally licensed to grant the right of users to study, change, and improve the design thereof, through the availability of its source code specifying the actions to be performed by the computer.

Droid Smartphone:

With a set retail price of about $199, and billed by Verizon as the “next generation in stealth technology,” according to at least one published report more than 250,000 consumers purchased the new Motorola manufactured, Google Android powered, Droid Smartphone during its first week of release following its much anticipated roll out on November 6, 2009.

Containing a full QWERTY keyboard designed to minimize typebar clashes, and the most widely used modern keyboard layout on English language typewriters and computers, the Droid has a lush green screen display for better resolution, a high capacitive ratio of charge to potential isolated conductor, a desktop cradle charger that turns the Smartphone into a multimedia station displaying such things as the time and weather, a built in alarm clock feature, and a straight forward design, with USB cable synchronization, that allows the Droid to be competitive in its niche.

Thin, with a TI OMAP3430 processor, additional features of the Verizon Droid Smartphone include its metal and soft plastic texture with a non-spring-assisted slide, user-friendly menu, excellent web surfing, video and photo viewing, quality of musical sound, speed, Internet integration, Android 2.0 technology, Turn by Turn voice navigation, and free applications available through the Android Market.

The Droid contains a 16GB memory card easily upgradable by the consumer to 32GB, a HTML5 Webkit browser with Wi-Fi included, Microsoft Exchange messaging, voice activated search, a 550MHz Cortex-8 processor, and DVD-quality video capabilities.


Debuting with mixed results the question remains do all these features allow the Verizon Droid Smartphone to stand up to the ATT iPhone most experts in the field agree is the leading device on the market? Time will tell.

Additional Information:

Websites like,,,, and provide much more information on the new Droid Smartphone.

Turn Your Mobile SmartPhone or Pocket PC into a Web Camera

SmartPhones and Pocket Pc’s are so versatile and can be used for a million things. They hold so much of our personal information and come in handy when you do not want to carry your notebook. Now, you can add one more unique thing to do with your cherished smartphone. Use it as a webcam. With the right type of connection and application, you will be able to start video chatting in a snap. It is easy to do and will provide you with hours of multimedia fun.
The WebCamera Plus application can be used with virtually any Windows Mobile Smartphone or even a Pocket PC. This will give you a cheap way to start using video chatting. Since you have already spent most of your cash on your SmartPhone, this is a handy alternative to purchasing another electronic gadget. This application is compatible with many chat clients, such as AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, and several others. Connections such as Bluetooth, WiFi, or ActiveSync will work just fine.

Once WebCamera Plus is loaded onto your notebook or desktop computer, you will be able to open the application on your mobile phone and computer. In order to successfully use this application with different IM clients, you will need to set it as the default for each one. Remember to prop your mobile phone in a good position so that the camera can focus on your face easily. Instead of having to worry about washed out images from some low quality camera, others will be able to see your face in a clearer way. The only drawback about using your mobile phone as a webcam is that the program does not utilize the built in microphone. You will still have to use another audio source in order to successfully video chat with others.

The idea of using a Windows Mobile SmartPhone or a Pocket Pc as a webcamera is an awesome idea. Never in a million years had I even considered doing this. The easy to navigate interface and one time low cost is a wonderful incentive to purchase this program. It even works well for video captures or screen shots. I would much rather capture I higher quality image using my mobile phone instead of trying to use the grainy results from a webcamera. You will not be disappointed with the results and it will also save you from having to purchase a webcamera for your long hours of video chatting. College students and business travelers will also find this to be a very useful program while on the go.

Mobile legends hack- know everything about it here

Many strategic mobile games are developed to play with your friends. You can team up with your friends or play against them. One such game is mobile legends. The game is becoming the top mobile games through its exciting concept and features. The graphics of the game and its features are very attractive. The game has various difficult levels that are creates problems for players to enjoy the game. Thus, mobile legends hack has been introduced.

Here is everything that you need to learn about the game and at the end we will reveal a secret to become a top player in the game. So, let’s begin.

Mobile legends

A recently developed and fantastic game, mobile legend has unique quality features. Due to its amazing specifications, graphics and maps, the game has won the heart of the public. The game offer different heroes or character to a player; they have to make the team with them and fight a battle against the opponent. Every character has unique abilities that can make you win the battle. Through playing the game, you can understand its concept and develop a strategy to beat the other players.

A player has to be careful in choosing a hero before entering the battle. You have to understand the team of rivals and bring your strong character inside the battle arena. Understanding their fighting strategy to win the battle is very important so that you can counterattack and turn victory into your side.

Let’s know about the gameplay

The game begins with the selection of characters for your team. You must select the strong characters or heroes. The next step is to invite your friends to be a part of your team. Once you finalize everything, the game will then begin.

A player will get the first 10 seconds to decide which will enter the arena. Once you decide it, the fight will begin. To win the fight, it is important to know about your character’s abilities. You should also know the abilities of rival’s characters. Never underestimate your opponents and thus always select the hero that is powerful and can make you win the battle.

Features of mobile legends are:

5v5 battles

Easy to play

Simple controls


Smart offline assistance

What is the need for

During the gameplay, a time comes when you need help to win the game. You will require diamonds to boost up your character’s strength. But to get diamonds, you have to win the battle or complete the challenges. Many players could not complete the challenges, and they left out the game. So, if you don’t want to stop playing this game, use mobile legends hack. Players will never run out of the diamonds and can collect as many as you want. Players always wonder whether these platforms are safe or not. To make you understand better about these hacks, here is more about these hacks.

How does it work?

Launch mobile legends on your android or ios device

Write username and ID of your game account to enter into the hack safely

A page will appear in front of you, enter what amount of diamonds you need

Click generate button, and within few seconds diamonds will be transferred into your account

If you follow the steps correctly, then you can have diamonds to upgrade your characters.

Benefits of mobile legends hack

Players are attracting towards these hacks because they are easy to operate and get resources. Hacks run on all different operating systems, and thus players find it easy to use. Many hacking software are available, but some of them are available online which means no need to download any software. It saves space of your device.

Another benefit of these hacks is that they are simple and interactive. One can get unlimited resources within few seconds. Players can enter as much amount they wish.

The common misconception about hacks is that is not secure. But this is not true with all hacks, some of them are completely safe and secure. They have been developed with latest algorithms and codes that make them secure. They are safe from virus and hackers to mean your game and device both are safe.

Therefore, mobile legends hacks can be handy for the players.

Acquiring weapons in Guns of Boom

You may be wondering how you will acquire weapons once you begin playing this addictive game. However, do not worry – After you initiate playing, it is easy to get weapons and advance to different levels.

Using the game hack

Getting cheats and hacks in Guns of Boom is not a hard task to accomplish. The game developers have capitalized most of their time in making the task easy, even if you are a non-tech player. You only require four steps to accomplish the feat – and the results are noticeable very quickly.

How you can use the game hack online:

1. When in the first phase, access the online hacks by clicking on the links that you see on the page.

2. When you get to this stage, add your username to the hack.

3. Indicate the platform you use for the game, either iOS or Android.

4. Once you get here, click on the generate button.

Prominent Features:

• Easy and natural controls: You can kill your enemies by swarming them with lead from the get-go.

Great explanations to help in immersive playing: this game is one of the most immersive out there – it consists of refreshing liveliness, vivid 3D models, and distinct tones.

• Auto fire: You must get your enemy into your shooting path in a natural way.

Changing battle: you can easily move and use cover to hide. Avoid stopping at all costs – this can get you killed or hurt.

Variety of guns: You are always secure because there are different guns for different purposes.

Assurance of fun and enjoyment: the game remains exciting, and the beauty of the design will always leave you wanting to play more.

Step By Step to Get Free Gun and Gold bucks

Step 1: Click on “HACK” button.

Step 2: Enter your username and the amount of resources.

Step 3: Complete the human verification.

Step 4: Restart your game and enjoy the free gold and gun bucks.

Collecting enemy weapons

It is no secret that players who have more experience in the game will always have advantages over you, because they will have better weapons. You can be the top player plenty of times when you follow the above instructions and guns of boom cheats, but note that there is an alternative that evens the playing process. How do you do this – pick up the guns of your enemies once you kill them.

As you play, make sure to learn the better guns and weaponry, or you can head over to the Arsenal and get some education on it. When you see a good weapon on the ground, take advantage of the situation. Run over and pick it by pressing the button.

The drawback is that you only get a single ammo for your gun. However, this is sufficient for efficient kills before you have to switch back. Also, pick guns that look like yoursmajority of players upgrade their weaponry all the time.

The game itself can be a tricky minefield to navigate, especially for new players. However, once you understand that you need to have a strategy and the importance of weapons, you are all set to play and win!

Hay Day Review

Hay Day is a free game that is developed as well as published by Supercell. It is available to be played on Android as well as on iOS. It is a high revenue generating game that can be easily downloaded, installed and played on mobile devices as well as on tablets and PCs. The game is free but there are options of in app purchases, which the player can even turn off if they are not interested.

The game is about owning, starting and taking care of a farm. In the farm, the player gets to grow crops, harvest them and then sell them off to the market. As the game progresses new features are available for the player to add on to the farm. The farm also has livestock and other equipments and decorations. Other player’s form neighborhoods where they have their own farms and the players can even benefit or use hay day hack with each other by helping out with each other’s farms through things like, gift cards, etc.

The aim or the goal of the game to earn coins through which they can then purchase new things for their farms and even XP which are the experience points without which the player cannot go on to the next level. Most of the time, Hay Day hack are used to get coins or these Hay Day Hacks may even be used to get XP quicker and faster than it would generally take.

This is one of the most popular games that are played nowadays especially amongst the young people, men and women alike. It is a non- violent game which is a stress reliever for most people and once they start playing, they usually get hooked on to it. It is recommended for players who are 13 years and older and it is quite a safe game to play. You do however; need a good working internet connection to be able to play this game. The game revolves around how to get to the next level really fast and some players use really clever hay day hacks to get through it.

There are various Hay Day hacks available on the internet that players can use, mostly to speed up their process of moving on to the next level. Most of these hay day hacks require you to download some sort of an application where you run it and you automatically get the hacks that you have requested for. The hacks can be in the form of coins, XP or hay day free diamonds – all those things that are used to make the process of going on with the game faster. These hacks which are downloadable usually cost money and are not free.

These hacks or cheats generators are available to be used on both android as well as on iOS, so no matter where you are playing the game you can benefit from them.

A basic form of a hack generator is like a webpage where you enter your user id and then enter the number of resources that you want to generate (coins/diamonds) and simply click on the link to generate. Then when you start playing the game after refreshing it, you will have the new added coins or diamonds, whatever that you have requested for. It is quite simple and easy, especially for those who are quite impatient and want to finish the game really fast.

Thus, as the game is gaining popularity, so are the alternate ways such as the cheats and the hacks are also gaining popularity to help the players play this game. At the end of the day, it is up to the players whether they want to use the hacks or just play the game on their own pace.

Welcome to War aka Clash of Clans

It is a story from a few years ago. I was sitting beside my brother, browsing through mindless posts on Facebook when I glanced at him. I saw him intently watching his screen with an occasional shout to “kill ‘em all” and “collect all the loot.” I asked him what it was that he was yelling at and he mumbled “Clash of Clans” without taking his eyes off the screen. Turns out he had been playing this game for more than a month then, which intrigued me as he has never been the kind of person who played a single game for over a week. I downloaded the game to see what the fuss was all about and here I am now, on town hall 9.

Clash of Clans – A Brief Introduction

Clash of Clans is one of the most famous games out there which are available across all platforms. The creator of the game is Supercell which has been known to produce several addictive games in the past. Clash of Clans was released for the first time on 2ndAugust 2012 on iTunes and 8th October 2013 on the Play Store.

People can download the game for free, but like most other games available on the App Store, Clash of Clans also involves in-app purchases. Those who don’t want to make any purchase can simply turn the feature off, while those who want to try it out can buy resources such as gold and elixir with real money.

The fantasy game is played from the perspective of a village chief who has to save their village from being attacked while attacking other villages to gain loot. The players have to use the loot collected from other villages to build their town. The three main types of resources that can be acquired is dark elixir, elixir, and gold. These resources help upgrade buildings, troops, spells and defenses that help protect the player’s village but you need a clash of clans cheat to get them.

The players also have the choice to join a clan where they get to meet other players and swap armies with them. When a player is part of a clan, they can take part in clan wars that help them gain a huge amount of resources. A clan can have up to fifty members in it.

Leaders are the one who originally create the clan. There are also co-leaders, elders and members in a clan with leaders being the highest in the hierarchy, while members being the lowest.

Characters in the Game

When the game starts, the army the players possess is a small one. The only character available is the builder who helps build different buildings throughout the game. The game starts with a tutorial which is to be followed and it would help you get the first fighter for your army, i.e., the barbarians.

As the game goes on and the players pass level after level, they get to unlock cooler and more exciting characters that help them win battles and clan wars. The army is of different types and classified according to what they do or what resource is used to unlock/upgrade them. Some are as follows:

  • Archers, Baby Dragon, Balloon, Barbarians, Dragon, Giants,Goblin, Healer, Miner, P.E.K.K.A, Wall Breakers, andWizards can all be accessed by having sufficient elixir in the player’s chest. Thus, they can be categorized as the elixir troops.
  • Bowler, Golem, Hog Rider, Lava Hound, Minion, Valkyrie, and Witch are trained with dark elixir and are, thus, called the dark elixir troops.
  • Archer Queen, Barbarian King, and Grand Warden are kind of an upgraded version of their namesakes. They are called heroes and are extremely hard to kill in a battle. They don’t usually die.

These troops help win abattle and are usually aided by spells and dark spells. These come after you have town hall 5 and town hall 8 respectively. They make winning the battle a lot easier and quicker.

  • Clone spell, freeze spell, healing spell, jump spell, lightning spell and rage spell are used to enhance the abilities of the player’s troops. Elixir is needed to upgrade these spells.
  • Earthquake spell, haste spell, poison spell, and skeleton spell are used to damage the army and buildings of the opponent. These spells need dark elixir to upgrade.