An overview of the spells used in Clash of Clans

Spells play a magical role in the game of clash of clans where you will have to drop the spells super accurately. As spells can easily wipe out all the defenses but if you dropped the spells wrongly then it will be are losing situation for your troop. Spells are magical because it can help the team to win a losing match as it has abilities of heroes and can easily change the war scenario. So here in this article, some important parts of the spells are discussed.

Mistakes did in the deployment of spells

Whenever someone drops the spells which are troop buffing they mainly put them in the place where the troops are present but not where the troops will go.

In the middle of the game, people do not drop the spells without any planning.

These spells will help you to give the troop a support so you need to drop it exactly at the right place.

When you will be dropping any kind of rage spell then it will make the troops leave that place very quickly and that will result in loss some spells.

How to protect yourself against the spells

Every spell will have its unique ability which can save a troop in any situation so you will have to choose the best one that will work for you, this will cost resources so I got some coc gems.

Lightning spell: It is one of the best spells that can easily take down any kind of individual building. If you do not have the access to poison spell then the lightning spells can help the lower level troops. The Lightning spell will not cause damage to the full area. It will cause the damage in the place where you will drop it. Always keep the count of the Lightning spells which you will be needing for taking down any type of building. Do not use two spells at a time as this will lead to 10% destruction.

Rage Spell: The rage spell is mainly used for boosting the Giants Dragons or balloons. Always use this spell on the appropriate Troops. It makes the Minions active and makes the Golems move faster. So as this is a very powerful spell so always use on the troops that can cause extra damage. Try to put them on the maximum Troops. If you reach on minimum three Dragons then it will be nice but if you put them in the large area then it will help to give some boost to the attacker. Do not put the spells on the small areas and always analyze where you can get benefited more.

For using this two spells in Clash of Clans you will have to know which troop is the best for implementing these spells. But also make sure that your troops are upgraded so that it can easily do more damage. Do not spend the spells unnecessarily because it won’t destroy many areas but will make you spend more on buying the spells.