Combatting tips for free fire battleground players

Free fire battlegrounds is an online survival game where you will be landed on an island and which is very small and is covered with various plants that will help you to hide. This game has a rendering engine which is not so powerful. After you go to a certain distance you won’t be able to render anything. So this is one of the reasons why the chances of getting spotted by the players and entering into her combat are high.

One thing that you should very much care about and that is only one player can be the winner or become the island’s king because the island is shrinking with every passing minute so you just need to make a place for yourself by killing other opponents. So combat is a very important feature of this game so you will have to play the cards properly and that can help you to eliminate the opponents. So here in this article, some of the combat tips will be provided that can help you to fight your enemies.

Combatting tips:

Always have the weapon that can help you for shooting both in long and short distances and make sure you are having the scope as well as the silencer. While selecting the character checks what kind of weapon they will be compatible with. Having helmets and body armor is very important because headshots are deadly in this to protect the head.

If a player is shooting at you do not panic and just check the Minimap to see the location of the Shooter. There is a right arrow that will indicate about how close your attackers are. So run to hide and use any close object as the shield. Try to jump frequently and create a zigzag pattern so that your opponent is finding it hard to aim at you. Most of the opponents stop chasing if they are unable to figure out the movement of the player. And if the opponent is playing in mobile then chances of missing the target is high. If you are injured then you can also use the medkit.

You can also use the Free Fire Battleground Cheats from thatgamehack for surviving more in this game. It can fetch you some extra points or currency that will keep you going in the game for a long time. Upgrading is very important because it will not only make your team stronger but will also increase your overall efficiency.