Turn Your Mobile SmartPhone or Pocket PC into a Web Camera

SmartPhones and Pocket Pc’s are so versatile and can be used for a million things. They hold so much of our personal information and come in handy when you do not want to carry your notebook. Now, you can add one more unique thing to do with your cherished smartphone. Use it as a webcam. With the right type of connection and application, you will be able to start video chatting in a snap. It is easy to do and will provide you with hours of multimedia fun.
The WebCamera Plus application can be used with virtually any Windows Mobile Smartphone or even a Pocket PC. This will give you a cheap way to start using video chatting. Since you have already spent most of your cash on your SmartPhone, this is a handy alternative to purchasing another electronic gadget. This application is compatible with many chat clients, such as AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, and several others. Connections such as Bluetooth, WiFi, or ActiveSync will work just fine.

Once WebCamera Plus is loaded onto your notebook or desktop computer, you will be able to open the application on your mobile phone and computer. In order to successfully use this application with different IM clients, you will need to set it as the default for each one. Remember to prop your mobile phone in a good position so that the camera can focus on your face easily. Instead of having to worry about washed out images from some low quality camera, others will be able to see your face in a clearer way. The only drawback about using your mobile phone as a webcam is that the program does not utilize the built in microphone. You will still have to use another audio source in order to successfully video chat with others.

The idea of using a Windows Mobile SmartPhone or a Pocket Pc as a webcamera is an awesome idea. Never in a million years had I even considered doing this. The easy to navigate interface and one time low cost is a wonderful incentive to purchase this program. It even works well for video captures or screen shots. I would much rather capture I higher quality image using my mobile phone instead of trying to use the grainy results from a webcamera. You will not be disappointed with the results and it will also save you from having to purchase a webcamera for your long hours of video chatting. College students and business travelers will also find this to be a very useful program while on the go.