Welcome to War aka Clash of Clans

It is a story from a few years ago. I was sitting beside my brother, browsing through mindless posts on Facebook when I glanced at him. I saw him intently watching his screen with an occasional shout to “kill ‘em all” and “collect all the loot.” I asked him what it was that he was yelling at and he mumbled “Clash of Clans” without taking his eyes off the screen. Turns out he had been playing this game for more than a month then, which intrigued me as he has never been the kind of person who played a single game for over a week. I downloaded the game to see what the fuss was all about and here I am now, on town hall 9.

Clash of Clans – A Brief Introduction

Clash of Clans is one of the most famous games out there which are available across all platforms. The creator of the game is Supercell which has been known to produce several addictive games in the past. Clash of Clans was released for the first time on 2ndAugust 2012 on iTunes and 8th October 2013 on the Play Store.

People can download the game for free, but like most other games available on the App Store, Clash of Clans also involves in-app purchases. Those who don’t want to make any purchase can simply turn the feature off, while those who want to try it out can buy resources such as gold and elixir with real money.

The fantasy game is played from the perspective of a village chief who has to save their village from being attacked while attacking other villages to gain loot. The players have to use the loot collected from other villages to build their town. The three main types of resources that can be acquired is dark elixir, elixir, and gold. These resources help upgrade buildings, troops, spells and defenses that help protect the player’s village but you need a clash of clans cheat to get them.

The players also have the choice to join a clan where they get to meet other players and swap armies with them. When a player is part of a clan, they can take part in clan wars that help them gain a huge amount of resources. A clan can have up to fifty members in it.

Leaders are the one who originally create the clan. There are also co-leaders, elders and members in a clan with leaders being the highest in the hierarchy, while members being the lowest.

Characters in the Game

When the game starts, the army the players possess is a small one. The only character available is the builder who helps build different buildings throughout the game. The game starts with a tutorial which is to be followed and it would help you get the first fighter for your army, i.e., the barbarians.

As the game goes on and the players pass level after level, they get to unlock cooler and more exciting characters that help them win battles and clan wars. The army is of different types and classified according to what they do or what resource is used to unlock/upgrade them. Some are as follows:

  • Archers, Baby Dragon, Balloon, Barbarians, Dragon, Giants,Goblin, Healer, Miner, P.E.K.K.A, Wall Breakers, andWizards can all be accessed by having sufficient elixir in the player’s chest. Thus, they can be categorized as the elixir troops.
  • Bowler, Golem, Hog Rider, Lava Hound, Minion, Valkyrie, and Witch are trained with dark elixir and are, thus, called the dark elixir troops.
  • Archer Queen, Barbarian King, and Grand Warden are kind of an upgraded version of their namesakes. They are called heroes and are extremely hard to kill in a battle. They don’t usually die.

These troops help win abattle and are usually aided by spells and dark spells. These come after you have town hall 5 and town hall 8 respectively. They make winning the battle a lot easier and quicker.

  • Clone spell, freeze spell, healing spell, jump spell, lightning spell and rage spell are used to enhance the abilities of the player’s troops. Elixir is needed to upgrade these spells.
  • Earthquake spell, haste spell, poison spell, and skeleton spell are used to damage the army and buildings of the opponent. These spells need dark elixir to upgrade.